Many business owners do not consider high security locks a necessity. They truly feel that electronic devices such as cameras and alarms are all they need to be safe, along with a traditional lock. Although these devices certainly make it easier to catch the criminal after the fact, they do nothing to keep them from breaking in in the first place. Wouldn’t it be a much better solution to keep the crime from ever happening? High security locks can make it considerably harder for a thief to access the building.

This is even more important when it comes to the home. No security system or camera will keep you or yourfamily safe if someone decides they want to hurt them. Sure, they may help the police catch them later, but what good is that if a family member has been harmed? Items in the home, though physically replaceable, often have some sort of emotional significance as well. If someone breaks into the home and steals an expensive family heirloom or some antique jewelry, odds are pretty good that the items will never be recovered even if the thief is caught. If the items in your home are important to you in any way, high security locks should be mandatory.

A determined thief can access any building — period. His worst enemy, however, is time. The longer it takes him to defeat whatever high security locks are in place, the more likely it is he will decide the risk is just too high and give up.

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